Our Services

Centus services are aimed to help Companies to better manage their change initiatives. From problem discovery to full-cycle change management, we can provide services that help Companies to grasp the value from their projects.

Change Management on IT and Process Improvement projects

Applying the knowledge and technics of Business Analisys, we manage change initiatives related to software implementation and processes improvement in projects like:
  • ERP implementation
  • Business Inteligence (BI) and Data Warehouse (BW)
  • CRM
  • Knowledge management and corporate portals
  • Information Technology alignment

Business Rules and The Decision Model

Business Rules management by applying The Decision Model methodology, developed by KPI-Knowlege Partners International.

Development of projects for business rules management, process development and improvement, and application development.

Training and certification of skilled professionals for business rules and decision models development and management.

FirstSTEP, KPISTEP and STEPment methodologies deployment for the development of business rules and decision modeling management programs.


Requirement and Product Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Application of concepts and technics of Business Analysis for eliciting requirements to applications and change management initiatives on IT.

Use of Requirement Management System using cloud computing and social media concepts to elicitate, discuss, comunicate and approve requirements.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with versioning control, risk analysis, implementation planning and control, and acceptance test management. 

Partnership with RBN Consultoria e Treinamento to provide solutions using BLUEPRINT, the leading edge application to manage requirements for Business Analysis projects.